“Horses make us happy without even trying.
They deserve to be just as happy.”



“You have really inspired me to connect more with my own horse and to start with liberty training. I never knew where to start but you’ve given me so much guidance ❤️”

“Thanks to you me and my horse have learned so much! Our progress is amazing because of your work 🤗. You replied so fast and gave me some professional advice what can I do. I am very grateful that you are there!”

“Your training doesn’t fit into any box, and Aslan knows so many behaviors. You show a wide variety of training tips, and your lessons are always authentic!”

Get inspired

about the many ways you can train your horses that they will love as much as you will


why your horses are acting the way they do, what they’re trying to tell you and how to help them


together with your horse.
Become the team you’ve always wanted to be with your horse

You want to

and I can get you there!

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