About Zoë

None of my family members were into horses, so when I turned 8 and I was finally allowed to start with lessons, my parents just brought me to a riding school nearby. 

I stayed there for about ten years. But after that not everything felt right at that traditional riding school anymore and I wanted to build a connection with a horse.

I leased an Arabian mare and even though I wasn’t able to ride her because of an injury, I loved every minute with her. 

A few years later I stopped with my study to become a primary school teacher and went to the Czech Republic. I guided trail rides and learned more about horses and the basics of caring for them. When I got back in The Netherlands I started working at riding schools and got my certification to give riding lessons. Because of these jobs I was able to make my biggest dream come true: buying a horse.


About Aslan

Aslan is my Curly Horse gelding. 

He knows what he wants and how to get it. That results in him getting high in rank fast in a new herd, but also in him being very expressive in what he does or doesn’t like to do with me. 

He challenges me to make every training a fun activity, because he will get frustrated or stop moving when he’s not having fun. 

Aslan taught me to let go of what I’ve learned about horses in the past and truly listen to the horse.

About Happy Horsemanship

Happy Horsemanship started as an Instagram account on which I documented my journey in making Aslan happy again. But I soon realized that not just Aslan, but all horses deserve to be happy. So I started to share more informational and inspirational content. And with that came the requests for lessons from all around the world. And that became the start of HHTV as my dreamjob with offering online courses!

About You

Who are you? Who do you want to be as a horse owner? What are your goals and can I help you reach them?

The dreamer: You don’t own a horse yet, but you know your life wouldn’t be complete without one. The Happy Horsemanship course can help you understand what your horse might need from you and can also help you figure out what type of horse would fit with you and how to judge a potential horse’s health.

The beginner: Your dream just came true. But now you’re overwhelmed. Owning a horse is very different than riding one at a riding school. I teach you the basics of groundwork and how to train your horse to make him feel happy and fit.

The struggling one: You and your horse are stuck. You don’t know what to do anymore. Everyone at the barn tells you to hit your horse to ‘make him listen’, but that doesn’t feel right. I will help you find the cause of your struggles and teach you how to prevent certain behaviour and solve the problem.

The advanced one: You’ve achieved so much with your horse already, but you are ready for a new challenge. The course will be your source of inspiration. With the many exercises you’ll learn, you will help your horse to improve his horizontal or vertical balance, bodyawarness or confidence.