2 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1:

Observing stress signals



– about the types of stress signals

– how to help your horse deal with tension

– to help your horse relax and enjoy the walk again

Masterclass 1:

What if the bucket overflows?



– to recognize stress signals

– why Aslan reared and why he’ll never do it again

– how to prevent your horse from rearing
(without punishment!)

2 Masterclasses for


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Our journey

“I used to get very tensed when walking with Aslan. He once got spooked because of a tractor that didn’t stop when I asked him. He ran next to the highway back to the field he lived at then and I was sure he would die in a car accident right there.

Luckily I was able to catch him again and we were both unharmed. But after that we didn’t walk for a year.

In that year we had moved to a barn just 1 minute from the dunes. I was asked to join on walks weekly, and every time my heart would rise and my stomach would turn. But after a few weeks I started to get interested in trying again. I practiced walking on the parking lot, focusing on staying calm and relaxed together. Once that felt safe, I asked someone else at the barn to join me on a short walk. We literally went to the enterance of the dunes and were back at the barn within 5 minutes, but I felt so proud!

That was just the beginning. Now we’re able to walk whenever and wherever. We walk through the city, play on skateparks, get ice cream or go on picnics. We love going on our adventures! And I can’t wait to help you enjoy your walks with your horse as well!”

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After watching these 2 Masterclasses you’ll know:

  • how to recognize stress signals
    how to help reduce stress
    what exercises help preventing stress
    how to keep your horse relaxed and happy
    how to have fun together with your horse on your walks
    the discountcode to the Relaxed Walks in 5 Days course 😉


(one-time payment)
for BOTH Masterclasses

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