You want to...

Create a stronger bond with your horse

– Build a true connection

– Understand your horse and help him understand you

– Give your horse a choice and a voice

– Improve your horse’s balance

– Help your horse in his physical and mental development

– Get a confident, strong and happy horse

– Train your horse force free

– Work with your horse in liberty!

Liberty in 5 days

In just 5 days you’ll learn how to work with your horse in liberty.

Let go of control and find connection.


In this online course

15 videolessons that will guide you into starting with working in liberty with your horse

  • 4 theoretical lessons
  • 6 practical lessons
  • 5 inspirational lessons

Clearly explained exercises to try with your own horse.

  • To improve his balance
  • To help him understand your bodylanguage
  • To really train your horse in liberty

An ebook filled with additional information about working in liberty.

  • The benefits of working in liberty
  • Other fun exercises to try in liberty
  • Informational graphics

Guidance, information and inspiration to help you start working in liberty in 5 days.

Your questions are my priority!

Liberty in 5 days

15 videolessons you can watch at your own pace:

  1. Welcome
  2. Why liberty
  3. What you need
  4. Basic bodylanguage
  5. Balance training
  6. Lunging towars liberty
  7. Lunging on neckrope
  8. Working in liberty
  9. What if it goes wrong?
  10. Training in liberty
  11. Liberty over mats
  12. Liberty with poles
  13. Liberty with a ball
  14. Liberty with conetargets
  15. Libertyparcours

An ebook filled with even more information and exercises 



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Frequently Asked Questions

After joining the course, you’ll get an email with your login to The Huddle, the platform where I host my courses. You can even download their app and follow the course on your phone.

On the website or in the app you’ll watch the videolessons, you can read the transcripts (every word I say in the lessons) and you can find the ebook with even more information about walking with your horse, exercises you can try, illustrations and graphics that will help you observe and understand your horse’s behavior during your adventures.

You can watch the lessons in your own pace and have life long access to the course.

This course is created with the purpose of teaching people to work in liberty with their horse. So no, you don’t need any experience.

Also experience with positive reinforcement or clicker training is not necessary. You can learn through the course, or decide to keep training in the way that fits with you and your horse.

Yes! 🙂 You can buy this course whenever you want to and follow it in your own pace.

Yes! You can still join!

It might take you a little longer than 5 days to be able to work in liberty if you don’t go to the horse for all those 5 days, but you and your lease horse will still absolutely love working in liberty in your own pace.


Since only 10% of my audience speaks Dutch (my native language), that audience is too small to create a whole course in that language.

I’m not a native speaker. I don’t use many big words, and since all my lessons are with Aslan, I also just show a lot.

I’ve gotten feedback from other people in my Happy Horsemanship Course that they can understand me very well, even though they are not native speakers as well (people from all over the world!).

If anything is unclear, you can always email me your questions.

And you can even use Google Translate to read the ebook and video transcriptions in your own language.

Yes! Starting with going on adventures with your young horse will teach them things they’ll benefit from for the rest of their lives. You’ll have a very confident, happy horse!

Yes, you can still join! Everyone is free to work in the way they know works for them and their horse.

The same goes for the type of tack you use and if you use a whhip or not.

Yes, you can still join! You don’t need to use a whip if you don’t want to or if your horse has negative associations with whips. Working in liberty is all about bodylanguage and a whip can help make that clearer. But it’s not a necessity.

Do you have another question? Ask them through a DM on Instagram or send me an email to