Why I prioritized Aslans mental health over his physical health

All the moves from one barn to the next made Aslan more and more frustrated. Everytime we worked together, he would explode. He always stayed respectful towards me and I never felt unsafe. But it was horrible to see him so miserable.


I decided to focus on Aslans mental health before working on his physical health.


What I mean with that is that the goals of our trainings were making Aslan happy and relaxed. Not losing weight, gaining muscles or anything like that. Of course we did exercises to help Aslan improve physically, but the focus was really on us enjoying the time we had together before I had to leave Aslan behind again at a place he hated so much.


The types of trainings we had:

Teaching Aslan to hold his head low while lunging

Lunging with the sole purpose to give him a chance to run all his frustration and anger out of his system

Going to the arena to have more space to roll and chil together

Working on our communication together by improving my cues and bodylanguage

Observing Aslans bodylanguage during trainings to understand him better

I have Aslan for almost 4 years now and we finally got to the part where we can start focusing on Aslans physical health, because he’s feeling so happy, confident, calm and stable. In my opinion, prioritizing his mental health was the best thing I could’ve done.


How is your horse’s mental health? And how is his physical health? Which needs more attention right now?