What to do with a small pony

small pony

When you’ve outgrown the pony that you love so much, there’s no need to sell him because you can’t ride him anymore. There are many things to do with your pony if you can’t ride him.
In this blog I will share my top 7 favorite things to do that isn’t riding.

Go on adventures

Trail rides are fun, but who says you can’t do them while walking next to your pony? Put your good shoes on and go on an adventure with your pony. Explore the neighborhood, find good places to graze and do obstacle training with whatever you find on your way.

Working in hand

A pony that isn’t ridden deserves the same help to improve physically as a ridden horse. With working in hand, you can help your pony improve their bodyawareness, balance and grow muscles.


With lunging you can add cones or poles to create a very fun and challenging training for your pony. These kind of trainings can also help your pony stay in shape.

Working in liberty

If you want to know if your pony really likes working with you, you can work in liberty and give your pony the freedom to walk away from you in the arena. This is a great way to find out what your pony really likes to do with you and how to make him happy.


Even on rainy days, you can still have fun with your pony. Braingames are a type of training that challenges your pony mentally. You give them treats in a way where they have to search in or around an object and if you follow the steps, your horse will learn a lot from these sessions and improve their confidence and ability to do problem solving.

Jumping in liberty

Instead of making a one-way path towards a jump with ropes on the sides, you can try placing only a jump in the arena with enough room next to the fence. Give your pony a choice to jump and use your bodylanguage to ask him to go over it. This makes the training more fun and stress free for your pony.

Obstacle courses

Use plastic tarps, balls, yogamats, cones or poles and make a playground for your pony. Just have fun with your pony, explore the obstacles together and reinforce any positive behavior your pony shows. These obstacle courses help your pony build confidence and improve bodyawareness. And it also gives you an opportunity to grow your build your relationship with your pony.

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