What does your horse mean to you? And what do you mean to him?

No matter how old we are, most equestrians will still look out the car window and scream ‘horses!’ when the car passes a field of horses. You might do it internally, but I’m sure you recognize this. Haha!

We just love horses so much. We can’t help it.

Horses mean the world to much. And especially our own horses. They are probably much sweeter and prettier than all the horses you’ve ever seen from your car. Right?

But how much do you mean to your horse?

Are you his escape? His way of getting out of his stall for an hour every day?

Are you his trainer? The person who keeps pushing him out of his comfort zone?

Or are you his friend? Where he can be his happy self? With no expectations and a lot of fun? Doing things you BOTH enjoy? Do you listen to your horse when he tells you something? Do you change your plans to match his needs?

Does your horse love you?

And how can you make him love you the way you love him? How can you make sure he feels as loved as he is?

Here are five tips for bonding with your horse:

Just BE together. Chill in the paddock, read a book at the barn, observe him in the herd…

Listen. Does his bodylanguage tell you he likes the training? Can you see a difference in his bodylanguage when you try to change the training?

Do things he likes. Most horses love learning tricks. Even simple tricks like ‘smile’ can make them feel confident. Especially when you cheer him on and tell him how amazing his smile is.

Work in liberty. This gives your horse the space to tell you very clearly if he’s having fun with you or not. How can you make the activity together fun enough for him to stay with you?

Go on walks. Go on adventures together and explore everything near your barn. You can even take lunch with you so you can picknick on a field.