The high expectations we put on ourselves

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had some rough couple of months. Both Aslan and I were sick and had no energy. It was especially hard on me mentally. I want to do so much, but I really couldn’t do anything.


This blog is about those high expectations we put on ourselves. Because I noticed that I’m not  the only one doing this. We want to be and do the best we can for our horses. Even though sometimes, we just can’t.


I met a new client for lessons the other day. She had the most amazing home for her horses but felt so bad that she never spends time with them. I understood why she didn’t. She had a busy job and felt very tensed around her horses because of some bad experiences. She felt terrible about it all. Yet, all I could see was her beautiful place and how happy her horses were. They greeted her so lovingly and enjoyed every second with her. They seemed okay with the situation. I’m sure they look forward to doing more things together with their owner, but for now this was fine.


So who are we pushing ourselves for? When we know we don’t have the energy to do anything with our horses, why even try? There’s a big chance that you will end your training frustrated or disappointed.


Instead, think of something that does feel right to do on a day like that.

Going on a short walk, even if it’s just for 5 minutes

Cuddleing with your horse in the field

Eating lunch or diner at the barn

Reading a book next to the paddock

Brushing your horse mindfully

Practice your horse’s favorite tricks

Ask for some weight shifts

Do carrot stretches

Enjoy observing the herd and listen to them chew their hay

Don’t make those days any harder on yourself by thinking about all the things you can’t do. Think about what you CAN do.