New Years Eve tips

For most animals New Years Eve is not the most fun time of the year. They don’t understand that the bangs are only for a few hours. 🎆

So when I’m at the barn (we take turns each year with the other horse owners) I do a few things to help the horses through this night:

1. Teach them fireworks are fun. Every time there was a bang close to us, I would cheer and act like it’s super fun. The horses would focus on me instead of the surroundings and if they kept their focus on me I would give a treat.

2. Put on all the lights at the barn so the fireworks would be less visible for them.

3. Put on the radio as loud as it could so the horses wouldn’t hear the bangs that much.

4. Give them plenty of hay and extra food to keep them busy. All horses had access to loose hay and hay in haynets. Especially Aslan deals with this stress by fixating on eating, so this really helps him.

5. Play games. I do some target training with Aslan, asking him to follow my hand and touch it. I also do braingames or ask for tricks.

happy new year 🙂

Have fun, stay calm and enjoy the fireworks. It’s not helpful to your horse if you freak out ❤️

Don’t forget to tag me on your socials (@happyhorsemanshiptv), i love to see you use the tips or if you have other good tips to help the animals during this time of the year!