How to improve my horse’s horizontal balance


Many horses prefer to hold most of their weight on their front end. They taught themselves that this is a comfortable way to move, but it isn’t good for their shoulders and they under develop their hind end if you don’t teach them another way. 

Here are five things you can do to teach your horse to put more weight on the hind end: 


In making transitions, especially from walk to trot and from trot (or even walk) to canter, your horse needs to use his muscles in the hind end and ‘jump’ forward.

Spanish walk

Teach your horse the Spanish Walk to create more shoulder movement and grow the muscles in the hind end.

Play with a ball

If your horse plays with a big ball and uses his legs for that, it helps them shift their legs tot he hind end and have a lot of fun as well.

Weight shifts

Do weight shifts between your horse’s front and hind end by asking them to stand square and using your bodylanguage to ask them to lean back or forward.

Upward movement

Use your own bodylanguage while working with your horse in liberty or on the lunge to ask them to move upward.

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