Consistency in Horse Training

Consistency in our journey

An example of when I’m consistent in my trainings is while giving Aslan a break. As much as he craves closeness and attention, a true break for him means stepping back and processing everything he’s learned and lick and chew and yawn if he needs to. So we play the game of “I want you to be a meter away from me and stay there”:

Every step he takes, even every weight shift, I ask him back to where I wanted him. It’s not about acting dominant or using force; it’s a patient response to every attempt he makes to breach the boundary I’ve set for him.

How I see it

It’s a dialogue without words, a communication through actions. This dance of “can I come closer?” met with a gentle but firm “no” is one way of setting boundaries or being consistent.

How about you?

What does consistency mean to you and your horse? How consistent are you in training your horse?