Christmas parcours inspiration

From a tree made with poles, to a wreath to put the head through, to putting presents in Christmas stockings and finishing through the portal with decorations.

The pole tree

For this exercise you need 9 poles. Place these in 3 triangles underneath each other, creating the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then use this in different ways in your Christmas parcours.

Head through

For this exercise you need a circle, for example a wreath or a hoop. For the real Christmas experience I recommend a Christmas wreath. 🎄
The idea is that your horse will then pass his head through this.

Presents in the stockings

If you look at the image you know pretty much what to do. Fill all the stockings with the gifts (for example brushes). This is a really nice exercise if your horse can pick up things on his own. But you can also do this exercise by grabbing the brush yourself and walk with your horse to the stockings.

Little tip: If you don’t have stockings at hand, use for example buckets!

Portal with decorations

A very good exercise that you can also use as fear training. Make a beautifully Christmas decorated gate and go through it with your horse. If he finds it spooky than let him take a good look at it and do the exercise in little steps.

And the most important tip of all: HAVE FUN!
Don’t forget to tag me on your socials (@happyhorsemanshiptv), i love to see you do the exercises or the whole parcours!