Christmas parcours inspiration

From a tree made with poles, to a wreath to put the head through, to putting presents in Christmas stockings and finishing through the portal with decorations. The pole tree For this exercise you need 9 poles. Place these in 3 triangles underneath each other, creating the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then […]

4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen

I have something for you: 4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen that help your horse with their bodyawareness, losing weight and the communication between you two. 1. Pole Mikado Actually the titel says a lot about this exercise. You place the seven poles just like in the game Mikado, so pretty randomly. Then […]

Consistency in Horse Training

Consistency in our journey An example of when I’m consistent in my trainings is while giving Aslan a break. As much as he craves closeness and attention, a true break for him means stepping back and processing everything he’s learned and lick and chew and yawn if he needs to. So we play the game […]

How to combine positive and negative reinforcement in horse training

More and more people are introducing positive reinforcement in their trainings with their horse. And they feel like they need to make a choice. Either training their horse only with positive reinforcement, or only with negative reinforcement. But I don’t believe you NEED to make a choice!   But first: What is the difference? Positive […]

30 things to do with your horse that isn’t riding

With Aslans injury (read my previous blog) I’ve been thinking about things I can do in our journey to recovery. In this blog I’ll share a list of 30 things you can do with your horse, besides riding. Enjoy! Groundwork exercises: like lunging, long lining, and leading Liberty work Groom Desensitize to help your horse become […]

Make trainings fun for your horse

Use materials Poles and cones are great to help your horse understand where you want to go and what you want to do. You can use these materials as a mark for when you ride transitions, for example. After a few times, your horse will understand what to do and be able to join the […]