Christmas parcours inspiration

From a tree made with poles, to a wreath to put the head through, to putting presents in Christmas stockings and finishing through the portal with decorations. The pole tree For this exercise you need 9 poles. Place these in 3 triangles underneath each other, creating the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then […]

We moved eight times in two years

To a barn that was about to close, but at least Aslan could live in a herd there. To the fields from that barn until the end of that summer. Still living a good life in that herd. To the paddock paradise from a horsetrainer. They got very scared of Aslan after hearing the stories […]

Paddock enrichment

Paddock enrichment

You are with your horse for a couple hours of the day. But is your horse still having fun after you left? Paddock enrichment is about making the paddock a more fun and interesting place for your horse. There are many fun objects and obstacles you can place in the paddock for your horse.Check out […]