Consistency in Horse Training

Consistency in our journey An example of when I’m consistent in my trainings is while giving Aslan a break. As much as he craves closeness and attention, a true break for him means stepping back and processing everything he’s learned and lick and chew and yawn if he needs to. So we play the game […]

How to combine positive and negative reinforcement in horse training

More and more people are introducing positive reinforcement in their trainings with their horse. And they feel like they need to make a choice. Either training their horse only with positive reinforcement, or only with negative reinforcement. But I don’t believe you NEED to make a choice!   But first: What is the difference? Positive […]

What to do when your horse bites you

Horses can be very subtle in communicating with you. In telling you what they like and don’t like. In what hurts or feels good. In what causes stress and what helps them relax.  But when we don’t see or understand their subtle signs, they start telling us more and more clear. In stead of some […]

Dealing with your own tension around your horse

Singing or humming to breath from your belly which is more relaxing than breathing from your chest Telling yourself you could stop at any moment. Even if you just started whatever you were doing Doing whatever you can to prevent your ‘worse case scenarios’, for example by adding a tag on your bridle with your […]

Why I prioritized Aslans mental health over his physical health

Teaching Aslan to hold his head low while lunging Lunging with the sole purpose to give him a chance to run all his frustration and anger out of his system Going to the arena to have more space to roll and chil together Working on our communication together by improving my cues and bodylanguage Observing […]

We moved eight times in two years

To a barn that was about to close, but at least Aslan could live in a herd there. To the fields from that barn until the end of that summer. Still living a good life in that herd. To the paddock paradise from a horsetrainer. They got very scared of Aslan after hearing the stories […]

What does your horse mean to you? And what do you mean to him?

Just BE together. Chill in the paddock, read a book at the barn, observe him in the herd… Listen. Does his bodylanguage tell you he likes the training? Can you see a difference in his bodylanguage when you try to change the training? Do things he likes. Most horses love learning tricks. Even simple tricks […]

Make trainings fun for your horse

Use materials Poles and cones are great to help your horse understand where you want to go and what you want to do. You can use these materials as a mark for when you ride transitions, for example. After a few times, your horse will understand what to do and be able to join the […]

The high expectations we put on ourselves

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had some rough couple of months. Both Aslan and I were sick and had no energy. It was especially hard on me mentally. I want to do so much, but I really couldn’t do anything.   This blog is about those high expectations we put on […]