How to combine positive and negative reinforcement in horse training

More and more people are introducing positive reinforcement in their trainings with their horse. And they feel like they need to make a choice. Either training their horse only with positive reinforcement, or only with negative reinforcement. But I don’t believe you NEED to make a choice!   But first: What is the difference? Positive […]

30 things to do with your horse that isn’t riding

With Aslans injury (read my previous blog) I’ve been thinking about things I can do in our journey to recovery. In this blog I’ll share a list of 30 things you can do with your horse, besides riding. Enjoy! Groundwork exercises: like lunging, long lining, and leading Liberty work Groom Desensitize to help your horse become […]

I was very close to losing Aslan

On the second of March, I got a text from Danielle, one of the other horse owners at the barn. She said that Aslan had a wound on his knee. There was a lot of blood and he couldn’t walk.  I was 1,5 hour away from the barn, so Danielle was kind enough to wait […]

Building stamina after your horse has been sick

A few months ago, all the horses of our herd suddenly got sick. The vets couldn’t find anything and the meds didn’t help the horses feel better either. We decided to give bioresonance a chance. The other horse owners had good experiences with that.   The horses got tested. They all had a bacteria on […]

The high expectations we put on ourselves

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had some rough couple of months. Both Aslan and I were sick and had no energy. It was especially hard on me mentally. I want to do so much, but I really couldn’t do anything.   This blog is about those high expectations we put on […]

10 things to do with an injured horse

Injured horse

Grazing on a small hill to improve balance and bodyawareness Turning around the front and hind end to improve bodyawareness Zigzagging through cones to make the body more flexible again Braingames to challenge your horse mentally Going on adventures around the barn to get some exercise Working in hand to help your horse get in […]