Christmas parcours inspiration

From a tree made with poles, to a wreath to put the head through, to putting presents in Christmas stockings and finishing through the portal with decorations. The pole tree For this exercise you need 9 poles. Place these in 3 triangles underneath each other, creating the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then […]

4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen

I have something for you: 4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen that help your horse with their bodyawareness, losing weight and the communication between you two. 1. Pole Mikado Actually the titel says a lot about this exercise. You place the seven poles just like in the game Mikado, so pretty randomly. Then […]

How to improve my horse’s horizontal balance


Many horses prefer to hold most of their weight on their front end. They taught themselves that this is a comfortable way to move, but it isn’t good for their shoulders and they under develop their hind end if you don’t teach them another way.  Here are five things you can do to teach your […]

How to improve my horse’s vertical balance


If your horse needs to hold his head to the side in order to stay balanced while working, he probably lacks balance. It can cause a lot of frustration with some horses to have to work while constantly feeling out of balance. But you can help your horse improve! Lunge in squares to improve your […]