Building stamina after your horse has been sick

A few months ago, all the horses of our herd suddenly got sick. The vets couldn’t find anything and the meds didn’t help the horses feel better either. We decided to give bioresonance a chance. The other horse owners had good experiences with that.


The horses got tested. They all had a bacteria on their lungs. But Aslan had something else too. He was carrying the Borrelia bacteria. Which means he had Lyme disease.


The horses got treated for the bacteria on their lungs and at the same time Aslan also got treated for Lyme. They all improved, but after a week Aslan started to get worse again. After a while we discovered a co-infection as a result of Lyme. Aslan just needs one more treatment and has already improved a lot again. I’ve never seen him this active and happy to move around. Which means…


We can start working on getting his round belly a lot less round, haha!


My plan:

If your horse could use some pounds, these are great ways to have fun while doing so.


I can’t wait to get started!

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