New Years Eve tips

For most animals New Years Eve is not the most fun time of the year. They don’t understand that the bangs are only for a few hours. 🎆 So when I’m at the barn (we take turns each year with the other horse owners) I do a few things to help the horses through this […]

Christmas parcours inspiration

From a tree made with poles, to a wreath to put the head through, to putting presents in Christmas stockings and finishing through the portal with decorations. The pole tree For this exercise you need 9 poles. Place these in 3 triangles underneath each other, creating the shape of a Christmas tree. You can then […]

4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen

I have something for you: 4 exercises with 7 poles in a roundpen that help your horse with their bodyawareness, losing weight and the communication between you two. 1. Pole Mikado Actually the titel says a lot about this exercise. You place the seven poles just like in the game Mikado, so pretty randomly. Then […]

Consistency in Horse Training

Consistency in our journey An example of when I’m consistent in my trainings is while giving Aslan a break. As much as he craves closeness and attention, a true break for him means stepping back and processing everything he’s learned and lick and chew and yawn if he needs to. So we play the game […]