I was very close to losing Aslan

On the second of March, I got a text from Danielle, one of the other horse owners at the barn. She said that Aslan had a wound on his knee. There was a lot of blood and he couldn’t walk. 

I was 1,5 hour away from the barn, so Danielle was kind enough to wait for the vet to come. At that moment I thought Aslan would only need stitches, so I stayed at the event where I was. If I would drive to the barn, I would drive long after the vet would’ve left anyways.

But then I got the call:

“This is really bad.” the vet said.

The wound was so deep that there could be damage in the joints. The only way to know for sure was to go to the clinic. 

I had two options:

1. Stitch the wound and hope for the best. There was 50% chance that the joint was damaged. And if it would be damaged, there was close to 100% chance that Aslan wouldn’t make it. That he would die.

2. Bring Aslan to the clinic. Let the specialist check if the joint is damaged or not. If not, then he would just need stitches. But if yes, he would need surgery. Which would obviously not be cheap.

But the vet said “If you want your horse to live, go for the second option”.

So I called with my boyfriend and we quickly decided to do whatever it would take to save Aslans life. 

I jumped in my car and while driving I called the girls at the barn, my boyfriend and the vet non stop. Figuring out the best way to fix transportation for Aslan and make sure he would get there ASAP.

Around 6 pm I arrived at the clinic and 10 minutes later Aslan arrived as well. Janey, another horse owner at my barn drove the truck and my boyfriend came with her.

The vet investigated Aslans wound. Unfortunately the joint was damaged. Which was obviously bad news, but also a relieve that I made the right decision. Aslan would have died for sure, if I wouldn’t have gone to the clinic. 

Aslan got surgery and in the days after that he recovered pretty well. I tried to visit him as much as possible. On Monday I brought him home, where he’s still on box rest. Everything is looking pretty good. If there would have been any infections, they would have been there in the first 24 hours. It’s now been 10 days since the surgery and I am very hopeful Aslan will recover fully.

I was very close to losing Aslan

I started a fundraiser on Instagram!

You get an illustration of your horse (or other animal) and 100% of the money goes to Aslans surgery and recovery.

1. Send me a photo of your animal
2. Tell me what kind of drawing you want (linedrawing is €10, colored portrait is €25 and colored full body is €40)
3. Pay me through Paypal, Tikkie or I can send you my IBAN.
4. Get your cute drawing, just like 150 owners did before you, and feel free to use the drawing for whatever you want. Print it on a mug or shirt, use it as a tattoo or as a new logo for your business!

Email me 🙂