30 things to do with your horse that isn’t riding

With Aslans injury (read my previous blog) I’ve been thinking about things I can do in our journey to recovery. In this blog I’ll share a list of 30 things you can do with your horse, besides riding. Enjoy!

Groundwork exercises: like lunging, long lining, and leading

Liberty work


Desensitize to help your horse become more confident and comfortable in new situations or near new materials

Teach your horse tricks like bowing or giving kisses

Take your horse on an adventure on foot

Practice trailer loading

Try agility training to improve coordination and balance

Bodywork and massage therapy for your horse

Play games

Teach your horse to ground tie

Create an obstacle courses to help your horse develop problem-solving skills

Try free jumping

Teach your horse voice commands

Train your horse to stand still for mounting and dismounting

Teach your horse new exercises such as shoulder-in or leg yield

Introduce your horse to different types of equipment and obstacles

Teach your horse to park in at the mounting block

Teach your horse to respond to soft leg and rein aids while standing next to him

Introduce clickertraining to teach your horse new behaviors and tricks

Practice to stand quietly for a vet or trimmer

Explore a place at or near your barn that your horse doesn’t know yet

Teach your horse to play fetch

Set up a playground for your horse with different toys and objects to interact with

Teach your horse to recognize colors (yellow and blue)

Spend time near your horse, reading a book

Organize a ‘spa-day’ for your horse, incloduing guasha stone, full body massage and relaxing music

Play Tic Tac Toe with your horse with chalk and treats

Hide treats under cones and get your horse to search for them

Go on a snack walk together, looking for healthy snacks for your horse near the barn

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  1. This site is consistently full of useful information on a variety of topics. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. Thank you very much Mickey! I hope you’ll consider joining the course, as that is where I’ll really dive deep into all this information 🙂