10 things to do with an injured horse

Injured horse

If your horse is feeling sick or recovering from an injury, there aren’t many things you can do together.
But I’ve made a list of 10 things to do with an injured horse.
Keep in mind that your horse might not be able to do all these exercises, depending on his injury.

Grazing on a small hill to improve balance and bodyawareness

Turning around the front and hind end to improve bodyawareness

Zigzagging through cones to make the body more flexible again

Braingames to challenge your horse mentally

Going on adventures around the barn to get some exercise

Working in hand to help your horse get in shape again

Playing with yogamats to improve proprioception

Going through an obstacle course to improve confidence and have fun

Teaching new tricks

Adding paddock enrichment so your horse will enjoy his time when you’re away too

I hope your horse will feel better soon!

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A lot of the exercises you will learn in the videolessons, you can use with an injured horse as well!